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photo edits: adding an opaque box behind words

A little bit ago I showed how to crop an image to any shape. Today I'm going to show how to add an opaque box behind letters. I'm not sure what else to call it... Basically it is a nice thing to do with words on top of an image. 
Skill Level: Super Easy
Again, this is a tutorial using Photoshop Elements
Click the heart image on the left (custom shape tool)
Just like the cookie cutter crop tool, select 'shapes' on the list. Then select square shape
put on top of the image and situated it how you want it. 
Now select the eraser. Then at the top middle, change the opacity to 45%  (well you can play with it, but that's the percentage I like to do)
Next, in the layers, make sure you have the shape selected. Then start erasing. 

So easy!

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  1. This may sound dumb, but what program are you using?

    1. not dumb at all, I forgot to mention it. Photoshop Elements

    2. Ok great! I just got Photoshop Elements and I'm not that familiar with it yet but I am excited to try this for my Christmas card! Thanks!


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