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The Ballerina Skirt Tutorial

This ballerina skirt is SO easy to make using wide elastic for the waste band for an easy sew. It's very comfortable and makes the perfect dance skirt or everyday +skirt. 
Ok here it is finally, the Ballerina Skirt tutorial! In case you missed the previous post about the skirt (here). This skirt is made out of curtains and a left over white knit shirt. Seriously, it was such an easy skirt to make and it is SUPER comfortable. 

These pictures are from recently (May - 2018) I still wear it and love it so much! I love it when I make something and it last for a few years. It's the best. 

- 3- 4 yards of sheer material (like chiffon, sheer crepe, tulle, etc.) - preferably fabric that doesn't fray
- a large white knit shirt or a yard of knit fabric. 
- thick white elastic (the width of your waist or where you want the skirt to sit), or knit fabric  

1. Cut your big piece of sheer - I cut it about 110 inch wide (which is about 3 yards)
2. Now take your knit shirt or fabric and sew into a tube (I did mine in an a-line shape). The top width of the tube should be the width of your hips plus a 1/2 inch. I made my length to go below my knees, so figure out how long you want it and cut to that measurement 
3. Now your going to cut strips of sheer - around 80 - 110 inches (they are going to be turned into a ruffle  Then sew a base stitch (the longest stitch length) on each strip and gather until it is the same width as the tube of the knit skirt. 
4. After gathering your strips, pin onto the knit and sew it into place. Start at the bottom of the skirt and work your way up. 
5. Now back to the big sheer piece; first sew it into a tube. Then do a base stitch on the top and gather until it is the width of your hips
6. Pin the sheer skirt to the top of the knit and sew the two layers together. 
7. Now add your thick elastic using a zig zag or serpentine stitch. The trick so your elastic is evenly spread out, is to stretch it as you go. I even go as far as pinning the mid points of the elastic and the skirt. If you wanted to use knit fabric instead of elastic, just cut a piece (add #) and fold hot dog style. Then sew on as you would the elastic using the zig zag stitch (except you do not need to stretch as you go) 
And there you have it - a ballerina skirt for you! The great thing about this skirt, is that you can change the measurements to make it for you or for a little person. 
Happy Dancing and Living!
DIY ballerina tulle skirt with an elastic band! An easy skirt with an elastic band.
This fancy skirt is a easy refashion from chiffon curtains. An easy sewing tutorial.

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  1. So pretty! I pinned this for later!

  2. Oh I love this so much!!! Very beautiful!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. Love this... I do costumes and always use curtains and tablecloths and sheets.. always looking for other new ways to do construction using recycled material...

  4. What a darling skirt! Looks on you!

  5. Gorgeous. My teen age daughter wants one like this in black. Now I finally know how to do it! Pinned for later :)

  6. so lovely. I am glad that these style of skirts are so popular because they are soo girly and I love dressing girly! How long did it take you to sew it? I hate sewing tulle and I'd imagine chiffon would be similar...

  7. Wow, great tutorial. never thought about making a ballet skirt that way. So glad my daughter is still asleep otherwise I'd be in big trouble for not making her one TODAY! Thanks for sharing this idea. (My blogger profile is incorrect I now blog at

  8. wonderful!!! the skirt is a beauty. great tutorial, great idea!

  9. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have a beautiful black mesh with sequins that I purchased to make a skirt for a wedding. I am going to follow your tutorial to create my skirt. I was looking for exactly that ... a ballet skirt ... and this will be awesome!


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