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Fabric Ornaments - Tutorial

It's that wonderful time of year where we wish for snow and start thinking about Christmas. Ornaments are one of my favorite part of Christmas; to me they hold so much magic and memories as they sit on the Christmas tree. A week ago I was able to share this tutorial with the Ribbon Retreat blog, now I get to share it with you!
Two coordinating pieces of fabric - I used Alpine Wonderland by Riley Blake (It's the perfect Christmas fabric!)
Ribbon - I used Vintage Ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat
Medium or Heavy Weight Pellon Stabilzer
Pinking Shears
1. First cut your pieces. If you are doing a pattern piece like me (the girl holding the squirrel) and then cut two coordinating fabrics a little bigger than the front piece. Basically the coordinating fabric will frame the pattern piece. If you decide not to do a pattern piece, just cut 2 pieces of fabric in what ever shape you desire.

Then cut 1 piece of pellon to be about a 1/4 inch smaller than your two pieces of fabric. 

Lastly, cut a ribbon piece to the desired lengthed (it will be looped), I did mine about 5 inches long. 
2. If you are doing a pattern piece on top, sew that piece onto one of your pieces of coordinating fabric. 
Now layer your pieces accordingly:
One coordinating fabric piece lay facing the table
ribbon (it is pictured wrong, so make sure a loop is show out the top)
then your last piece of fabric with the pattern piece sewn to it. 
3. Now all you need to do is sew around the perimeter of the layers (about 1/2 inch away from edge). Then the edges with pinking shears and your done!

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