Paper Towels and Chicken & Sweet Potato Chowder - Sisters, What!

Paper Towels and Chicken & Sweet Potato Chowder

Hello friends on earth, I kind of took the December holiday season seriously and took a major long vacation from everything. Seriously, everything, including crafting, deep cleaning, and real intense cooking. I think this Christmas holiday I only made one batch of cookies and one loaf of banana bread. Impressive right? Because I didn't feel like baking, we did this for our neighborly Christmas gift this year:

Crafts reDesigned: EASY Christmas Idea!!
Isn't just wonderful? and you can imagine the many thanks I got for saving everyone a few extra calories haha just joking. I got the idea from the blog Crafts reDesigned - you can get the printable HERE

We did have a wonderful Christmas season and I actually was super sad I didn't  get around to making any gingerbread cookies this year, but my Dad was inspired and sent us some (and they were just as good as fresh out of the oven - Thanks Dad). 

Anyway, today I finally felt like making something new for dinner. We had carrots and yams that needed to be cooked, so after much searching I came across this glorious recipe, and I mean Glorious!
Chicken & Sweet Potato Chowder - seriously, I made this for dinner and it was super easy and SO GOOD. (and healthy)
To make it even richer and more the color of orange, I added carrots. 
I've put yams and sweet potatoes in soups before, but I've never made a soup that was consisting mostly of yams. Seriously, if you don't have your menu planned out for this week, then add this one on. You won't regret it. It's the perfect soup for winter. 

click below for recipe

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Hey I actually did mean to say thanks for the zero calorie Christmas gift! :)


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