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G for Ghirardelli Brownies With Extras

There are a lot of great brownies recipes out there, out of the box or scratch.  The favorite at our house when we don't want to make from scratch (which I don't, I like cooking not baking if that makes sense) are the GHIRARDELLI Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix.  From Costco so you always have some on hand in a pinch.  

But to make them extra yummy, I have a few special ingredients.  Make the brownies following your favorite recipe or box mix.  Then add, 3 or 4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil from DoTerra Essential Oils.  Yes Peppermint.  You can add more drops depending on how much Peppermint flavor you want.  This is amazing. I am sure there are doubts out there but try it and you will understand.
Another item to add something extra special, Candy bars.  Yes I am trying to make these Brownies amazing.  Any Candy bars will work.  I added Hershey bars.  Unfortunately, we couldn't wait to eat these yummy brownies that we forgot to take a picture.
Hope your mouth is watering now!! Enjoy!!


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  1. Ghiradelli brownie mix is the greatest mix ever in my opinion. We do usually bake from scratch just to save a few $$, but for my DS1's wedding open house we bought enough mix to make hundreds of brownie bites for the guests.

  2. Brownies!!!!! Yes, my mouth is watering!!

    A to Z Participant (A to Z of Travel Bucket List Inspiration)

  3. I love brownies! I didn't have them as a kid, they seem to be a new thing here in Australia, but I discovered them a few years ago, and I'm hooked. Have to try some of these additions.

    Rinelle Grey

  4. Hmm...yum...but not as yum as that carrot cake looked yesterday. That "takes the cake."


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