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H for Healthy Heart

How is your heart feeling today?
What do I do?

 We all suffer from stress, bad days, and more.  Doterra helps us maintain a "Healthy Heart!"  These Certified Pure Essential Oils  assist  the peace and calm to come back!   How we act will determine how healthy our family can become.  I believe that God has given us plants  from which these oils are distilled to work together with our bodies. 

 I have seen many instances that I cannot truly explain, and yet changes have occurred in the mind and body of individuals I work with.  The body is truly miraculous and works in harmony with these oils.  Why doTERRA?  As many of you are aware, I have used essential oils for up to 30 years, and I can tell these are pure, potent and powerful.  As I applied frankincense to a young man having a seizure at church, he relaxed immediately and became calm.  

 Here is a simple way to use doTERRA oils during the day when life happens. It may not always be as drastic as on film, but the change in mood does occur and 
almost as quickly. I use the oils this way daily for myself and my grandchildren. 

When any of us have anxiousness with daily occurances, I put on the diffuser with Citus Bliss, or serenity and we physically relax.  You'll want to try this!  

Let me know!  becky.burton9008@gmail.com  

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