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J: Just for me

Now that I'm in the third trimester of pregnancy and starting to get big, I can't help thinking about myself. I already find myself missing normal clothes and can't wait to not be whalish. Now, I'm not complaining, really I'm not (being pregnant is very worth the result). And I'm not one who usually wants to shop for new clothing, I usually avoid it, but now that I'm pregnant again, I feel a strong desire for new clothes. What am I going to look for as soon as this baby comes?

I have a few ideas:

I love this yellow blazer and the contrasting blue and white polka dots. It just says feels refreshing, nice and casual at the same time. 
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While we're on the subject of blue and yellow and polka dots, I really love this skirt and shirt combination. Love, love, love.
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I'm really liking how vintage styles are coming back. I particularly love the collars that have different fabric from the blouse. I think I could even make a few of these from refashioning. I'll definitely be hitting some thrift stores for these. 
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I really love the simplicity of this t-shirt. The shirt says casual, but the pocket adds a unique touch that dresses it up a little. This would be really easy to do to many shirts. 
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And I really want a shirt with a peter pan collar, ok maybe a couple.

The hubs response to me after me expressing my desire for new clothes: "you don't need new clothes, you have a closet full of clothes you haven't been able to wear for six months." He doesn't understand what an unbalanced hormonal and physical state can do to a woman. No matter, we can't always understand each other ; )

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