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Shapes Quiet Book Pages Tutorial

I've already made a few quiet book pages for Luke, but some friends asked if I wanted to make some more quiet pages with them. I couldn't help but say yes, especially since Captain Awesome is getting older and ready for some more difficult pages. Here are the pages that I contributed; I have yet to finish the other ones still, but I'll post those ones as soon as I finish. Plus, I've discovered snag free fleece (aka anti- pill fleece) that doesn't pill or snag with velcro!! AMAZING!!

I've seen quite a few shape pages and really wanted one that was colorful and had a bit of variety. 
Matching Shapes and Colors Tutorial 

///my page is 12 x 12: I used a cotton for the base fabric 
///Shapes: I used an anti-pill fleece so that the velcro wouldn't get caught on it. For the inside I used
///Shape Sizes: I didn't have a template, but sort of made my own to fit the page. Here are the sizes
     - Squares: cut 3 - 3"x 3" cut from 3 different colors of anti-pill fleece
                      cut 3 - 3"x 3" heavy weight pellon
     - Circles:  cut 3 - a radius of 3" from 3 different colors of fleece
                     cut 3 - a radius of 3" of heavy weight pellon
     - Triangles: cut 3 - each side 3" long from 3 different colors of fleece
                       cut 3 - each side 3" long from heavy weight pellon
///Velcro: you'll need about 1" pieces for each shape

//1// On top of the blue base fabric, situate each shape by shapes row by row horizontally and by color vertically. Once you have them where you want them sew them on the page (I used a ziz zag stitch)
//2// Then sew on the soft side of a 1" piece of velcro to each shape. 

//3//Now you should have 2 of each shape left. Onto one of the shapes, sew on the other side of the velcro. 
//4//after the velcro is sewed on each shape, match the shapes up and sandwich the pellon inside each one then sew around the edges of each shape. And your done!
I also loved the idea of doing a stacking page of rectangles and different colors. Here is that tutorial:

Rectangle Pyramid Quiet Page Tutorial

///My page is the same size as previous quiet page 12 x 12 made out of cotton
///Rectangles material: also an anti-pill fleece
///Rectangle sizes: 
- Purple: cut 2 - 7 x2  inch rectangles, 
- Blue: cut 2 - 6x2 inch rectangles
- Green: cut 2 - 5x2 inch rectangles
- Yellow: cut 2 - 4x2 inch rectangles 
- Orange: cut 2 - 3x2 inch rectangles
///Pellon for inside of shapes: cut one for each color (same size as each color)
///Velcro: use a 10 inch strip of the soft side of Velcro to sew onto the base. 
               For each shape, cut about 2 1/2 inch piece of the rough side of Velcro

//1// first, zig zag stitch the 10 inch strip of the soft side of the Velcro to the cotton base page. 
//2// Then sew the small pieces of rough side of Velcro to one of each colors of rectangles
//3// Now match up all the color rectangles and sew around the edges. And your done!
After I finished each page, I then added a 12 x 12 piece of Pellon to the inside and then added some binding to bind the two pages together. 

So there you go. I'll post the other quiet pages that I'm working on as I finish them. 

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