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Reusable Snack Bags - Tutorial

diy snack bags sewing tutorial
Since my little one started eating snacks, it seemed like we started going through lots of ziploc snack bags (which can add up-$). A while back, I saw on online some reusable snack bags that people were selling and I thought maybe I could make some. I figured out a method and found them to be SO easy and quick. You can find see my previous snack bags here

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diy reusable snack bags

I just had to include this picture of Captain Awesome sneaking a snack while I take pictures of them. He thought he was being so sneaky : )
how to sew snack bags tutorial
cotton snack bags tutorial

Reusable Snack Bags Tutorial


Step 1

place rights sides of cotton fabric and laminated cotton together. Sew around around entire thing but leave a 4 inch opening at one end. 

Step 2

 Turn right sides out and iron. Then top stitch both short sides

 Step 3

pin your velcro to the laminated side. Make sure they match up. Sew on velcro (I used a zig zag stitch to make it more secure).

Step 4

 Now fold your fabric so right sides are touching. Sew up sides doing a 1/8 or 1/4 seam allowance. Turn right side out and your done!
reusable baggies sewing tutorial

diy reusable snack pouches

reusable snack bags sewing tutorial

Happy reducing and reusing

If sewing isn't your thing, Amazon has some really cute options resuable snack bags
like these one below:

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  1. Great tutorial! Excited to make a few. I have made wet bags (for cloth diapers) in the past with the PUL waterproof fabric and will use some for this!

  2. Great tutorial! Excited to make a few. I have made wet bags (for cloth diapers) in the past!

  3. So, if I bought 1 yard of each, waterproof fabric, & many baggies would that make? Having a "duh" moment where my mind isn't the sharpest tool today! LOL

  4. Monica - you can get 3 across (of the 14 inch side) and 5 down (of the 7 inch side) for a total of 15
    What might cost more is the velcro - you would need 3 yards of it.

  5. Where can i find some waterproof fabric?

    1. Hi Lauren, you can find it at Ribbon retreat >> HERE or at look for laminate cotton at Joanns or any fabric store

  6. Do crumbs get caught in the seams along the sides? What would they be like sewn so the seams face the outside? Thinking I may try both ways. Right sides together and then wrong sides together and see which collects the most crumbs or is the easiest to clean up.

  7. How do I go about cleaning these bags? Can I just toss them in the washer? I mean when the fabric get dirty?


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