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Take and Play Car Carrier Tutorial

Like many little boys, my little boy LOVES anything with wheels on it. Whenever we go anywhere, he tries to bring as many cars as he can carry. Sometimes, he'll throw these cars into my purse or pockets so that I can carry them for him. I finally decided he needed his own carrier to keep his cars in. The best part about this car carrier is that not only does it carry the cars but he can also play with when unrolled. Check out the tutorial below that I did for the Ribbon Retreat Blog

Take and Play Car Carrier Tutorial
Project difficulty: EASY - I did this in one nap time, which is about 2 hours on a good day : )

:: cut 1 - 10" x 18"  fabric for outside (I used On the Go by Riley Blake)
:: cut 1 - 10" x 18" coordinating inside fabric (I used Cruise Blvd by Riley Blake)
:: cut 2 - 10" x 8" coordinating fabric (for car cubby holes - I also used Cruise Blvd)
:: cut 10" x 18" medium weight interfacing
:: 4" of velcro

*I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance for everything. Also for your convenience, I added yellow lines to the picture to show you where to sew. 
*If you use a fabric that doesn't have roads on it, use some grey ribbon or felt to make roads by sewing it in strips to the inner fabric before you sew everything else to it. 
//1// First take each of your "car cubby hole" fabric (the 10" x 8" fabric) and fold hot dog style so that it then measures 10" x 4". Iron and top stitch on the folded side of fabric (not the raw edge). Then take your velcro, using a zig zag stitch, sew on a 4 inch piece of velcro to just ONE of your pieces. 
//2// Next place each piece on either end of your inside fabric with the raw edges match the outside edges of the inside fabric. Then sew to inside fabric with two even lines to make the cubby holes for cars. 
//3// Now take all your fabric pieces and layer them in this order like a sandwich: the inside fabric face up, the outside faced down, then the interface on top of all of it. 
//4// Now pin and sew around all the edges leaving a gap at one end (so that we can turn it right side out)
//5// Now turn right side out and iron around all the edges. Now top stitch around the whole thing. 
//6// Now to adding the other Velcro piece: fold your car carrier, how you are going to want to close, and find where the inside (already sewn in Velcro piece) would meet and pin that velcro in place. Now on fold and sew it to place (remember to sew that Velcro piece on the outside fabric). And your done. 



  1. This is so cute and neat, my daughter loves her cars and bringing a bunch everywhere we go, so this would be perfect :)

  2. I finished it just now. Thanks for the idea and all! It is a great article.


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