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How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

Learn how to make this t-shirt quilt using old t-shirts and jean quilts. 

This is an old quilt and post, thought I'd bring it back again. 
How to sew a t-shirt quilt
how to make a t-shirt quilt
I am your typical girl/wife who can care less about football season. However, even though I don't watch any of the games, I will still cheer for my alma mater and watch highlights from the game. This Saturday is the big rivalry game between BYU and U of U so I thought I'd give a shout out for the Y with a free printable for all those fellow Cougar fans. 

After I graduated, I made a BYU jean quilt made up of an accumulation of both the hubby's and mine worn out old BYU shirts. In between the shirts I used old jeans and pants. 
For the back of the blanket, I used some BYU fleece bought at Joann fabrics in Provo. It's seriously such a comfy and warm blanket. 
DIY byu quilt
DIY tshirt quilt tutorial

how to sew a jean blanket
My sister in law also made a fleece blanket for my parents a few years ago. However, I grew up in an house divided...
how to make a byu fleece blanket
...meaning my dad went to the U and my mom the Y. This blanket was the best gift for them. However, I have noticed that my mom tends to keep it folded so that the Y side is always on the outside : ). My dad's a good sport. 
And here are some beautiful pictures of my sister enjoying her very own 'Y' blanket. If only all of us can look as stunning with a messy bun and t-shirt on while using a computer. 

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

  • Favorite Old T-shirts
  • Favorite old jeans
  • Soft Fleece for the Back

Step 1: Cut Squares

Cut your squares. How many squares you need is determined how big you want the actual quilt and how big each square is I ended up adding smaller rectangles around the outside edges of the quilt. Also I determined the width based on how wide my fleece backing piece was. 

 Decide how big you want your blocks to be.  I did 8x8 because many of the shirt images fit in best. Knit can be hard to cut because it stretches. I recommend using a hard stencil like an actual quilt block or a cardboard cut into the square size you need. Place the stencil on top and cut using rotary blade or mark with a mark to get an accurate cut. 

Step 2: Lay out Squares

After cutting all your necessary squares, lay the out on the ground where you want them to be. Once you have that figured out, pile them in piles and rows to keep track of where each one goes. 

Step 3: Sew

Now start sewing. Be careful not to stretch your fabric as you sew, this can change the shape of your squares and make matching corners up. Learn from my mistakes :)

Step 4: Sewing backing on. 

I decided not to do a binding quilt, I simply laid my front top of quilt on top of my fleece right side together with the back side of the fleece. Then I sewed around the whole thing and leaving an opening to turn it right side out. 

Step 5: Yarn Knots

You could probably quilt this, but I decided to do the old yarn knot method. Using yarn and a yarn needle, bring yarn through the corners of each square and tie and cut. 
how to sew a jean blanket

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  1. Havalah! How have I never seen this blanket? Amazing!! Love it! So want to make one now for my house!


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