Little Turkey Shirts - Sisters, What!

Little Turkey Shirts

Once a week I take Captain Awesome to a playgroup/preschool with some friends. Next week there is a turkey trot for little kids, so this week we decided that we should make matching shirts for all of them. I know, totally cute; they will be doing their first team run together with matching shirts. I've been training Captain Awesome and he will get first place and win us a turkey - Just Joking. He will do awesome though, I just know; especially with his little turkey shirt on.

Anyway, using the awesome Freezer Paper Stencil and Painting technique, we made these shirts. Luke had lots of fun painting his and even helped me do a onsie for Little Man.
Make Your Own "Little Turkey" Shirts
:: freezer paper (can buy it at walmart or the grocery store)
:: a plain shirt
:: Fabric paint or you can get regular acrylic craft paint and a fabric paint medium (I think this works best and is cheaper then fabric paint). 
:: a cheap sponge paint brush
:: save the Turkey stencil below, or use your own design/clipart/word art
:: exacto knife or if you have a silhouette, you can use that instead.  
//1// Download the Turkey below and resize it in Microsoft. It'll be a little pixalated, but that shouldn't matter for cutting it out. For the font I used Duality which you can download HERE
//2// Now go HERE for the rest of the tutorial.

Here are my cute little Turkeys 
Happy Thanksgiving!


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