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Shirt to Bandage Skirt Refashion

My sister Sierra loves knit skirts and a plethora of them come from Target. One that I really liked was this one here, but it is no longer for sale in store or online. My next option was to steal it when she wasn't looking. But since I wanted to do the right thing, I decided to make my own. But lo and behold, Rach from the blog Family Ever After did it first and made up an awesome tutorial

However, before I bought any fabric, I found this awesome striped shirt (which was practically brand new) at the Salvation Army and it was 50% off. It ended up costing me $3! Way less than if I bought some fabric. 

And you're probably thinking the same thing my husband said "do you take such terrible before pictures so that your after product looks even more awesome." My response (while ignoring the "terrible" word part) was  "no. just imagine using the self timer to take a picture with a two year old running amok..." 
The Bandage Skirt Run Down
Skill Level: Anyone
quiet time/naptime: only 1!
 (for me quiet time usually last for captain awesome for like 45 minutes)
1 yard of striped knit fabric OR an extra large striped shirt from thrift store
Freezer Paper

I followed Rach's tutorial HERE. Except I didn't have a before skirt, so I made up my own design. Also, I used freezer paper instead and seriously it was awesome! First of all here's why it was awesome
1. It was wide enough that I didn't have to tape it together
2. After I cut out my pieces, I was able to iron it on and used zero pins. 
 follow her tutorial but I highly recommend using freezer paper instead. It will make the whole process so much quicker (and it already is a quick skirt to make)
And in case you didn't know or haven't noticed, I don't model. what! you say. I know shocker. My poses are basic, with my favorite being (what we call around here) Wonder Woman pose...except I'm wearing clothes. 
And just because.


  1. This is great!!! I am stopping by from the You Flew Tuesdays link-up. I just got a new sewing machine yesterday so I'm hoping to start creating things like this. Great inspiration and I love how you styled it with the heart sweater.
    Tracy @ Its Mostly About Fashion

  2. so cute. it's going on my ever-growing list of things i want to make!! is that lace at the bottom one of those slip-things?

    1. yes it is a lace slip and I love it and use it all the time!

  3. Very cute refashion idea- love the way the skirt turned out! Shannon

  4. Thanks for linking up to Challenge Create: Adult Edition! We love your skirt!


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