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Transfer Printed Images and the Crackle Effect

Do you remember this mirror that I redid last year?
As I was pulling out my Christmas Decorations, I found this accidental block that I made as a test before I attempted the mirror. It's one of my favorite little decorations and it was really easy. So here is finally a run down on how I did both. Following this tutorial HERE, I was able to transfer a printed document to wood.  

- For the Crackle Paint look I used Elmers glue (sorry no pictures). First I painted my block red and let it dry. Then I squeezed some elmers glue on it and spread it over the whole block and gave it a few minutes. Next I got my white paint and painted a thin layer over the glue layer. Then let it dry. (go here for another good tutorial)

-[How to] transfer printed images to the wood:

/1/ get your elmers glue and paint a nice layer on to a piece of cardstock and let dry for at least 2 hours.
/2/ Now before you print your image and are using words,  you want to make sure that it is mirrored (backwards). So if you are doing words and making it in a word document, type it up in a WordArt and then flip the image until it is backwards. If in photo program, do the same. Then print on the GLUED side of the cardstock that is dry (I don't think even you want wet glue being run through
your printer.
/3/ Now prep your wood with modge podge and stick your image faced down on the wood. Wait for at least 8-12 hours and pull it off. Some of the paper might stick, gently use water to rub it off with your fingers. But be gentle, you don't want to rub the image off. And just in case I confused the heck out of you with the lack of pictures, here is another tutorial you can reference >>>HERE
And voila!



  1. Such a cute idea! It looks great!

  2. Thanks for linking me. That's a pretty cool project you did. I'd love to try transfers one day. I pinned your tutorial for it. :)


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