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Leather Key Fob

When I was making my bag, I had some leather left over after making my striped leather bag, so I decided to make a leather key fob. They are seriously the easiest thing to make, like 2 seconds and your done. You can make it with your favorite fabric or leather. I love mine; I made it big enough to slip on or off my wrist. 
Leather Key Fob Tutorial

Key Fob (you can find them HERE)
Scrap fabric or leather
(and yes, the pictures are in a funny order on the picture, just go with it and follow the numbers)
//1// (leather version) Cut your leather piece to the width of your key fob and then the length you desire. I wanted it to wrap around my wrist so I wrapped and measured.
(fabric version-sorry no pics). Measure fabric by the width of key fob x 2 plus 1/4 inch for seam allowance. For example, if key fob is 1.25, I would measure fabric as 2.75 inches W x desired L. Fold hot dog style with right sides together. Turn right side out.
//2// Place your raw edges inside the key fob
//3// get some pliers and gently squeeze together.

See, 1, 2 and done. Easy and awesome.


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