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Leather Bound Infinity Scarf

Not going to lie, I love scarfs. I'm not a big jewelry person, so scarfs are perfect for me. They can add color to a lifeless outfit, dress up a boring outfit, and they are versatile for [almost] any season. My favorite is my homemade leather bound scarf. I recently came across some great striped white knit fabric, on sale at Joanns on sale, and just had to make another one. It probably took me a 1/2 hour max. It was easy and turned out so awesome that I really want to raid the fashion knits section at Joanns and make 50 of these...hehe I hope my husband reads this, he'll go crazy!!
Leather Bound Scarf Tutorial

(For tutorial with pictures go HERE)
Fabric of choice (I personally prefer knit) - Probably about a 1/2 yard of fabric
             you want it to be 14 inches wide and the length will be the width of the fabric for example: 14x44
Leather or pleather works - This depends on how thick your scarf is and how big you want it to be on your scarf. 

>1< Fold your fabric right sides together hot dog style and sew into a tube. 
<2> Turn right sides out and match the two ends together and sew. (the leather will cover up this part)
>3< Get your leather and wrap around the seams of the tube (see step 2). You can hand sew it or glue it. 
Super easy. For my other tutorial with pictures go here.
And here is my awesome sister  showing how to wear it. 
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