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DIY Polka Dot Tights

I don't really consider myself a stylish person. I might have a cute shirt or sweatshirt or dress, but it takes a considerable amount of effort to really pull off a great outfit that is comfy and cute. But, that rarely  happen, because comfy usually wins. 

Anyway, along with my love of scarfs, I also love tights. I probably have as many tights as I do scarfs. Seriously. They're great because they're usually inexpensive and take up little space. Plus they can add a pop of color to any outfit; basically it works as great as a scarf. But the best part is....I don't have to shave!!  yep, I hate it and I'm very proud of my hairy legs during winter time. 

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So for this pinterest challenge, Sierra and I got together and made our own polka dot tights. This is kind of a cheating post since we actually did this a couple weeks ago, but we knew about the challenge and this was a pure pinterest inspiration crafty moment
DIY Polka Dot Tights
*Bella Blog didn't make her own tights, but after not being about to find some that I liked, I figured that we could make some with fabric paint and store bought tights.
- Tights (we got ours at target)

- Fabric Paint (or acrylic paint and a fabric medium)

- end of a pencil eraser or a pen cap 

First put on your tights and put on a good movie. Then starting with your feet, dip the end of the pencil/pen cap into the paint and then onto your tights. Do this all around your leg up until your desired point. We did it just past the knees since that's wear our skirts go to. Let dry.  You can do a pattern like my sister, or you can do yours random dots. Easy. Ridiculously easy. And here is a pictures of my legs afterwards. Painted and hairy. I took this picture and my husband asked if I was planning on sharing my hairy legs with the world. I told him  "I am not ashamed of my winter hairy legs." 
Here's the beautiful Sierra showing off the tights. 
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  1. These turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hahaha... love the painted winter legs photos. And those are some cute tights!

  3. Moin, I'm not ashamed to say that my legs are as much winter-hairy than yours ;) So what... Look at my husbands legs ;P
    Thanks for that tuto....

  4. Yay! Guess who is making polka dot tights!!!!

  5. A. These are adorable. B. You kept it real and I think our legs could have been twins a few weeks ago. C. I just had to feature you as an honorable mention on my blog :) Head on over to check it out and grab a button. And thanks for sharing at Link It or Lump It!

  6. hey, this is a perfect thing for a girls evening at home! perfect look!
    have a nice week.
    sunny regards from berlin

  7. They are really cute! i think i might do this with my daughters tights, she'd love this
    Thanks for contributing this post to The Sunday Brunch Magazine!
    All the best,


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