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Add Flannel to Children long Pants

add flannel fabric to children's long pants
My little Captain Awesome is constantly growing and I just can't seem to keep up with him and his changing pant size. I want him to wear his pants as long as possible so I always have him wear a size or two bigger. This works great because little kids pants these days can be cinched in at the waist. We also do the roll up at the bottom. It's crazy because these pictures were from Christmas time and he has already outgrown the need to roll them up. Seriously, he is just growing before my eyes!!

I got the idea to add flannel to the bottom of his pants from some of his old pants that he had just grown out of. They had some fun flannel that shown when rolled up. They were awesome because they fit up from about 18 months old until he was almost 3 years old. Now that is what I call efficient children pants. And bonus for flannel, it can keep their legs warm during the winter. (you can also see an example of these style HERE in the white shorts I added fabric to)
How to Add Flannel Fabric
 to children's extra long pants

//1// measure the width of the bottom of pant leg and times it by two (or measure the whole circumference of the bottom of pant leg). Decide how high tall you want it. For example, my flannel measured 14 x 6 inches. You want to cut two pieces (one for each leg)
//2// fold 1/4 inch down and iron the top and bottom of the flannel piece. 
//3// right sides together, fold with the sides touching and sew each piece together. 

//4// with the wrong sides touch the insides of the jeans, top stitch the flannel to the jeans (see below). And your done. 
add flannel to children's long pants to make them last longer


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