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Colorful and soft Play Dough Recipe with Oil and No Cream of Tartar

Do you have a love/hate relationship with play dough? do you love that your kids love it but hate that it is so messy? Well this play dough recipe is for you.  After multiple of attempts of making homemade play dough, I have finally found a favorite recipe. The usual standard homemade recipe was fine, but this current one is great.
Soft long lasting homemade playdough with oil and no cream of tartar

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It was an accident that we even tried another new recipe. I had no cream of tartar and Captain Awesome had been asking me over and over again to make play dough. Finally one day I googled and found a recipe that had no cream of tarter and used oil. I gave it a try and was very happy with the results. And so was Captain Awesome. See that happy face (having grandma to play with also probably made him happy).

He played with it for at least an hour and the best part, there were no little pieces on the floor or the table after he was done. 
the pros:
- no little dry pieces everywhere
- it didn't leave our hands feeling dry afterwards (even though there is still a little salt in the recipe)
- it didn't start drying after being out for an hour or so
- a month and a half later it was still really, really moist and in the same condition when we first made it. 

- it doesn't mold nearly as well as regular play dough, but seriously my son isn't trying to sculpt the David here. 
Oil Play Dough Recipe:
(I tried to find the website I got if from, but I couldn't)

1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt (half the salt from regular recipes)
3 tsp vinegar
2 tbsp oil
1/2 cup water
food coloring

//1// mix all the dry ingrediants in a saucepan on low heat
//2// stir in the water, vinegar and then oil
//3// keep mixing until it forms into a ball
//4// remove from heat and let cool. Then divide into sections and add food coloring as desired. 
After use, we stored it in the fridge. But I'm sure you could just leave it out. 
go on give it a try. It's quick and easy. 
soft long lasting homemade play dough with oil and no cream of tartar

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