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DIY Color Pop Pocket Denim Shirt Tutorial

This is a great way to give life to a new denim shirt. Refashion button ups is easy to do by adding a color pockets and can be done in under a half hour. 
diy color pocket to denim shirt refashion sewing tutorial
I can't believe that I haven't got around to posting this yet. Remember my pattern pop pocket shirts? Well like I said in that post, I really love the contrasting pocket look. Around the same time I did the pattern pocket t-shirts, I also redid this polka dot denim shirt. It was a thrift store find so I had to bring it in to fit me (tutorial here). I then took off one of the pockets to add the color pocket. I love the simple affect it makes on the shirt. 
add a color pocket to spice up a shirt
You could do any color you like to make a contrast pocket for your button up shirt. Contrast pockets are a fun way to refashion your shirt and refashion it into something new. What would color would you do on your shirt? 

//DIY// Color Pop Pocket Denim Shirt Tutorial

Step 1

If there is a pocket already on your shirt, seam rip it off. Then trace the pattern onto your alternative fabric. If there isn't a pocket, find a shirt and trace the pocket from that shirt (remember to add a seam allowance since we'll be folding the sides in)

Step 2

 Take your pocket and fold the sides in and iron. Now carefully place and pin the new fabric pocket back onto the shirt where the old pocket was. 

Step 3

Now you're going to sew your new pocket in place just around the sides. As you can see with my pocket, I had a flap on top of the pocket, I made sure to place that carefully on top and sewed the new yellow pocket underneath that. And that's it!

color pop pocket shirt
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