Pool Noodle Light Sabers - Sisters, What!

Pool Noodle Light Sabers

My sister in law sent me these awesome pictures to me one day. Think you that Jedi are boys only? Think you that girls don't love star wars? ok, that's my attempt at Yoda talk. Let's just say these girls have been fed a healthy dose of Star Wars by my brother and they totally love it!!!
Star Wars is not taken lightly in that house. Here's a recent convo between my brother and his 5 year old

Niece: 'That song is from Star Wars!?'
Brother: 'Yes! It's when they're in the Cantina and Obi Wan meets Han Solo and Chewbacca.'
Niece: 'Is that when they're with the Ewoks?'
Brother (aghast): 'That's a totally different episode! We are watching Star Wars (IV) for pizza movie night this week.'
yep, that is one of our "I'd Rather Kiss a Wookie Shirts" little girl edition
Captain Awesome has recently caught the star wars bug, like for real. He's always thought it fun whenever hubby has brought out the light saber, but he's starting to get old enough to really understand how cool it is. So I think pool noodle light sabers will be happening in our house this summer. 
DIY Pool Noodle Light Saber
Pool Noodle (favorite color of child)
Duck Tape
Marker or black tape
awesome stickers

//1// Cut your pool noodle to desired size
//2// to create handle duck tape the bottom. Then with black permanent marker or black tape, make contrasting lines. 
//3// add awesome stickers : ). (how else is the light saber going to turn on)
And seriously, aren't these girls too cute. 
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