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Slouchy Top [and resources for sewing with knits]

During the whole pinterest challenge, I was suddenly motivated to do things that I've had on my crafty-to-do-list forever. This shirt is one of those. I've made shirts before, but years ago when I took a sewing class in college, the teachers made me scared of sewing with knit. This was BYU and everything is harder there (including a sewing class - ridiculously hard), so I took their word for it. Thus it has taken me little by little to start feeling comfortable with knits. 
diy slouchy shirt #knitshirts
go HERE for skirt tutorial
Basically, this shirt is a long time coming. It only took me 2 hours, but it took me forever to finally just make my own shirt from scratch. I made my own pattern following Sara's (Stripes and Polka dot blog) tutorial for her DIY Slouchy Tee.  I love it because the measurements are all mine. The main thing that I did different was made it a fitted tee and I used two different knit pattern (I got the idea from here). And of course, I had to add a pocket : ).
diy slouchy shirt
diy slouchy shirt #shirt
great resources for sewing with knits #knits
Now i'm at the point of realizing that knits are very forgivable and fun. I'm still very much a beginner, but now I feel comfortable with knits at least. There are SO many resources and tips online for sewing with knits. So if you too are/were scared like me, check them out:
Girl Charlee: Sewing with Knits basics (and an AWESOME selection of knit fabric)


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  1. This turned out so adorable! I love the use of the different knit patterns! I also love sewing with knits too, because like you said, they are so forgiving especially if you're a beginner sewer. Great job!


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