|Homemade| Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Can you believe that in one week it will be July?? I can hardly believe it! When we were living out east, it was so hot and humid by May 1st that by the end of June I was already praying for summer to be over. Since moving to the Great North West, we've been loving the mild spring weather. Summer is just starting here and we can go outside in the middle of the day without sweating!! Sorry to all my east coast friends, you're welcome to visit me. Seriously!!
A new favorite outdoor activity for us is homemade chalk paint. It takes us a few minutes to make it up and Captain Awesome can help me with the whole process. His favorite part is picking out the colors and mixing them into the solution. The recipe is basically 2 ingredients  - cornstarch and water (well 3 if you count the dye).
[Homemade] Chalk Paint
1 part cornstarch
1 part water
Food coloring

|1| Mix your cornstarch and water in a bowl with a whisk until nice and blended.
|2| divide into small sections of cupcake sections or other container. Then add colors
Happy Painting!
what's your kids favorite summer outdoor activity. 


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