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Compost Box Makeover

Ok, so I have a pretty exciting makeover to show you today...a compost box makeover! you read that right, a compost box. I know you probably can't get those words out of your head, "a compost box makeover?"  You read that right. As my dad said "now it's too nice to be a compost box". Who said you can't have a good looking compost box?
compost box makeover
We have a small backyard, but I still wanted a small garden and a compost box. My sweet husband helped me on both accounts. The garden and compost box takes up half of the back yard, so basically they are both in perfect view of all angles of the back yard. I didn't really care and was just too excited to have both a garden and a compost box.
compost box makeover
Before I go on, let's take a second to notice how awesome this compost box built by my handy husband. Seriously, it is perfect. However, one day I was a little painter's tape happy and had a brilliant idea for a afternoon activity with Captain Awesome. Some tape, a few shapes and a little paint later we had ourselves a compost box made over. It probably took us 30 minutes max. 30 minutes because 20 minutes was spent trying to stop Captain Awesome from painting everything he else as well, haha. If I just left him at it, the fence probably would have been painted too. 
compost box makeover
grab some painters tape and go crazy with making an awesome design. 
compost box makeover
Paint away. I let captain awesome do most of the painting. Somehow I was able to somewhat influence him into a pattern, sort of. (plus a great activity to do in the undies ; ).  
After paint is dried, add a coat protective lacquer and you are done.
compost box makeover
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  1. Seriously love this! So fun. Thank you for liking it up to The Creative Collection Link Party! Have a great week.

  2. What a beautiful looking compost box!!! This is my first time on your blog, and i am so glad I found you!! :D

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  3. This is the most lovely compost bin that ever was!! Thanks for sharing at our Link it or Lump it party!

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