One Year Older..... - Sisters, What!

One Year Older.....

Today is the birthday of the master mind behind this blog. Yes, we all help occasionally but lets be honest this blog wouldn't have lasted if it hadn't been for Havalah and her amazing talents. So in celebration of Havalah and her amazing life we wanted to share some fun things about her and let her know we love her!
Havalah has always been creative...even if that creativity wasn't socially acceptable :)

What you definitely don't know about Havalah was that about 7 years ago she broke her back and pelvus. Yet here she is finishing one of a couple of half marathons that she has run. She is a great example of perseverance and strength!

Havalah loves the outdoors and she loves sharing that love with her two boys that she loves more then anything. She is an incredible mother!!

And most importantly she has mastered and perfected jumping!

Happy birthday Havalah! We all wish we could be with you today but know that we love you and are so grateful to be your sister and to have you in our lives!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Havalah! Truly a great day to celebrate a great girl. . .we need to meet up one of these days!!


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