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Blog Tour

Something that's been going around the blogosphere is touring through blogland. Not as exciting as Europe, but still pretty fun, none the less. I was invited by Nicole from Meet the B's. She really has some sweet decorating skills; you definitely should check out her cute home. She loves turquoise and has done beautifully at incorporating it into her home; it's pretty much how I imagine Sierra's home to be one day.
On to the blog tour. There are questions that bloggers before me have answered, so I'll try to answer them the best I can. First of all this is Havalah  #3 out of the 4 sisters (the first one in the pic). So today you get learn a little bit more about me and my creative process. 
1) What am I working on?
I think like a lot of people, there is always something I'm working on. Especially laundry, cleaning, cooking and having fun with the littles. When I'm not doing any of that  stuff, my brain is constantly going and trying to work on something fun. Whether sewing or crafting something, I have a perpetual list of projects. However, June and July were crazy summer months so I've been sort of taking it easy and just reading. Yep. Reading by myself and with my husband. He got jealous of my alone time with my books and offered to let me pick ANY of my books to read with him. Even a Jane Austen, so I picked Emma. He's such a good sport and really loves me. 

However, I do have a perpetual project I've been slowly working on for the past year. I came across the coolest world animals quiet book last year on Imagine Our Life and decided that I had to make one. Stephanie is amazing and has made tons of quiet books and templates that you can buy in her shop. The world animals she has provided for free. Because this is such a big project, I only work on it when I feel in the mood or watching something. Captain Awesome is always excited when I finish another animal. 
Another project I'll be starting soon is a triangle quilt using this awesome fabric (arizona by April Rhodes). Anjuli is going to help me with it. I've never done triangles before so hopefully they'll actually look like triangles when I'm done....
 2) How do my creative doings differ from others from its genre?
Well my mom always said that "flattery is the highest form of imitation". I like to think that occasionally I come up with a completely original idea, but let's be honest there is so much inspiration and awesome ideas out there that sometimes I just think why try to reinvent the wheel. But of course, I do feel that I add my own spin and twist on things. 
3) Why do I write/create what I do?
Well it is just part of who I am and I absolutely love it! You can read a more detail explanation that I wrote here
Get printable HERE
4) How does your writing/creating process work?
I don't think I could even start to show or explain this one to you. As my husband would call it "haphazard; unfocused; disorganized; million of projects at one" And he is absolutely correct. I have so many things I want to do that I start on one project and get excited about another and soon I have a million projects I want to do. And you know, I'm totally cool with it.  And let's take a moment to thank the person who came up with list making.

Now to pass the buck to the bloggers on the tour for next week
First of all sister #4, Sierra, is going to give you a tour of her recently new blog Enjoy to the End. Her blog is not a creative blog in the crafty sense, but it's full of wonderful inspiration. 
The other blog is The Cwafty Blog by RaChil; I recently found her blog and love her style of crafting. I absolutely love this mountain necklace that she made. 
Make sure to go give them some love!
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  1. I love reading about everyone's creative process! And I can't wait to see the quilt you'll be making! Love that fabric!


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