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Sunshine Sunday: I Am Beautiful Challenge

One of my best friends is currently serving a mission for our church in Washington D.C. While on her mission she has learned the valuable lesson of inner beauty and not letting it distract her from serving others. She recently has written about it here and issued a challenge to all of us. Please go and read about her experience. 

Here is her challenge to each of us:

  1. No make up. None. (Sorry to the guys out there! OR you can adapt as necessary by sacrificing something that will help you center your focus on others rather than yourself.
  2. Take a picture a day, caption it with a positive I AM statement and write a brief explanation. Use hashtag #IAMBeautiful
  3. Invite others to join!
The event/challenge will be starting September 7th, found here.

I hope you will take the time to read about what she has learned and join us in this challenge. What a great opportunity to learn to love yourself and find ways to build ourselves up with "I AM" statements. Loving ourselves for things that aren't maybe popular, or forgetting about our looks and reaching out to help others.

When she told me about this great event I expressed to her that due to my job I can't go completely natural. I felt really bad because I really wanted to be a part of this. She suggested giving up something else that will help me "center my focus on others" instead of on myself. Ideas like: Once you get ready for the day don't go out of your way to look in a mirror or worry what you look like, or no negative comments about yourself or others.

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