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Easy Cheater Ballet Bun Tutorial - for thin hair

These days I don't do much with my hair. Either it's in a pony tail, up in a clip or in a bun. I just don't have time ( or just don't want to take the time to do my hair-totally lazy). I've always loved the high buns but I have ultra thin hair so my bun always looked pathetic. I tried the sock bun but that made my head feel heavy so that was a no-go for me and I tried the ratting, but I really hate ratting my hair. I finally found a method that totally works for my thin hair and is super easy and quick. However, you do need to have medium to long hair. 
easy cheater ballet bun tutorial for thin hair
 This is the first and possibly the last video/youtube tutorial I ever do. It's already hard for me to take pictures of myself, so doing a video was very awkward and way out of my comfort zone. Going out of the comfort zone is good right? Anyway, here are some pictures along with the video. I'll do my best to describe the process....
|1| I like to do a quick little french braid on my bangs before anything. Now put your head upside down and start putting your hair into a high pony tail, but on the last hair tie loop DON'T pull your hair all the way through (no idea what you call that little hair loop - hey, i never went to beauty school). You should have a little tail from the left bottom of your hair hanging at the bottom
|2| Now take that little tail and wrap it around under your little hair loop. Next start closing your loop gap until you form a bun (I know, it totally looks like I'm giving it a massage)
|3| Just keep working at it until all gaps in bun are closed up and formed into the hair bun. Start pinning with hair pins. Sorry these aren't the best picture. Watch the video below for ballet bun in action. 

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  1. man i just loved seeing your face! miss ya! I am going to show anne. this one she might like for ballet days


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