DIY Harry Potter Wands Craft - Sisters, What!

DIY Harry Potter Wands Craft

DIY Harry Potter chopstick wands tutorial
psss...have you seen these Harry Potter Coloring books!!
Sierra and I are planning our annual Harry Potter party and I realized that this blog just wouldn't be the same without our traditional Harry Potter goodness during the month of October. October has become our official way of showing our nerdy Harry Potter love in full force. Stay tuned throughout October for some fun HP posts. I promise you won't regret it. 

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And to start off this month right, I give you DIY Harry Potter Wands (made out of chopsticks!!. The best part is that they are cheap, easy and really awesome. My hubby and I already made two wands for ourselves [see HERE], but I had to make two more this year for the rest of the fam. Captain Awesome is obsessed with his and has mastered the spell "Stupify!" 
how to make harry potter wands chopsticks
diy easy magical wands wood glue gun craft

DIY Harry Potter Wands

We love Harry Potter and this is one of my favorite Harry Potter crafts. 

hot glue gun

Step 1: Add glue to chopstick

 Get your glue gun and at the thicker end of the chopstick, start carefully glueing in a snake like pattern around the stick. Then at the top add your bead (this will add some cool and unique dimension to the wand). To secure the bead, glue on top and all around the bead. 

Step 2: Paint

 Let your glue dry completely then paint whatever color you like. After that dries you can coat it with modge podge for a shinier look. And you're done. 

DIY Harry Potter wands | just chopsticks, a glue gun and paint
Now go ahead and put it in a box with this fun label. Found HERE

Happy Harry Potter Wand Making!! 

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  1. Love all your Harry Potter posts, and that you guys have a Harry Potter party! Sounds like so much fun! The wands are fantastic! -Amy

    1. Thanks Amy! Harry Potter is just pure fun and a great way to get into the Halloween spirit

  2. You come up with such creative ideas, Havalah! I have to be honest....I've never read a single Harry Potter book. But I love how you were able to come up with a perfect craft for a Harry Pottery party!

    1. Well Jamie, its never too late to read them. They are so fun and each book is better than the last.

  3. The Potterhead inside of me is loving this. My sister made a wand over the summer, and I think the method she used was very similar to yours. Gah, I need to make one for myself now!


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