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Friday Finds: DIY Gifts

Today we're sharing with you some of our favorite DIY Gift Ideas. I've added them to my list to be done, now I just need to make it happen :). 

I love this bracelet. Cute, simple and really easy to make. So for your fashion lover friend here is a great idea for them.
 Found here. 

Now I think these signs are great because not only are they simple, but you could do any words you want, and any color you want. So you could cater it to whoever the gift receiver will be!
 Found here. 

Now this blanket I might just make for myself, I love it! Even though it is fall I think it would be a great blanket for the summer time, all though I'm sure you could pick a different kind of material to make it a little warmer.
 Found here. 

Now here is for your colorful friend. A way cute and fun art piece for their wall. Hopefully you'll see this up on my wall soon. But what a fun project!
Found here. 

If you try any of these out let us know, we'd love to see your finished project! Have a great weekend. 

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