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Shakespeare [and Harry Potter] Halloween Free Printable

I love the fall season, but I must admit, when it comes to Halloween I stay far away from anything remotely scary or too Halloweenish. Seriously, when we lived in Erie Pa, we literally lived in the only part of town where EVERYONE decked out their front patios and lawns with scary decor. I took the long way home every day. If your child comes trick or treating with a scary costume on, I might just not answer the door. Just joking, but not really. What can I say, I hate scary. Anyway, this print I have for you today just passes my strict Halloween code. Well, it's just too good not to put up. 
Something wicked this way comes

I love Harry Potter and I love Shakespeare. My first Shakespeare just happen to be Macbeth and the chant of the witches in the beginning have always stuck with me. I thought it was pretty cool that John Williams added some of that chant to the music in the third Harry Potter movie (you know, during the sorting when the choir sings with the frogs?). If you're still not sure, I guess it's time for you to go and watch it again. 
This print is a fun way to enjoy the Halloween season and show off a great Shakespeare quote. You can download it HERE for free. And if you are a Potterite like me, then check out my other Harry Potter post and such:

And for a limited time this month, our "Things I've Learned from Harry Potter" is on sale in our shop

Happy Halloween and stay tuned for more Harry Potter goodness this month

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  1. Love HP and I studied Macbeth at school! The witches scene was everybody's favourite.
    I almost forget how much I love Harry Potter until I see something like your Etsy print, reading it has made me want to read the books all over again.

  2. Cute printables!! I love how easy they are to print and hang up, love it!!


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