Floral Wreaths Watercolor Designs - Be Thankful - Sisters, What!

Floral Wreaths Watercolor Designs - Be Thankful

I've been trying to practice my watercolor technique and thought I'd try out floral and such. I'm still not so good at it, but it's fun to work on. I recently did this Be Thankful print for our house. I wasn't quite brave enough to do letters in watercolor, but maybe next time. I'd love to learn how to do calligraphy too one day...

Great news is that this Be Thankful print is now in our ETSY shop. Just download it and print it and have it up for Thanksgiving or throughout the year. I'm so happy that I was able to successfully scan it and share it with you. 
I've also added this other floral wreath design to the shop. I originally made it for my Mom's birthday; it was our family scripture growing up. It really is a wonderful scripture (you can find the reference here). You can find the print in our shop here!
Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ...
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