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Popcorn In a Ball Christmas Ornament

I've shared this ornament before, but I just had to share it again, because it is by far my favorite homemade ornament: Popcorn in a ball! It's like a ship in a bottle but it's popcorn and REALLY fun to do. It's like having the look of stringed popped corn but in an ornament and LESS messy. 
popcorn ball christmas ornament

diy popcorn ornament christmas decoration

I did this with my 3 year old and he got a big thrill out how the popcorn just popped in there. He also thought we were going to eat it...Just look at that popcorn, just squished in there. I did this for an ornament exchange a few years ago and everyone is always amazed at how I got the popcorn in there. The secret is basic, just pop it in the microwave INSIDE the ornament. Pretty simple and totally awesome!
how to make popcorn ball ornaments

To Make your Own Popcorn Ornaments:

Glass ornament 

>> Place some (about 15-20) popcorn kernels in your glass ornament then place in a microwave plastic bowl, put them in the microwave for about minute increments, keeping a close watch on the popping. Don't get ambitious, once it looks like it's mostly filled the glass ornament, take it out. Be careful, the ornament will be hot. 

Good luck and happy popping!!
Popcorn ball Ornament

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  1. Those are some cute ornaments! It reminds me of stringing popcorn for garland when I was a kid. Thanks for linking up at Motivational Monday!

  2. What a great idea. Who would have thought popcorn in a ball would could look so fabulous!


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