Pineapple Mold Art || DIY - Sisters, What!

Pineapple Mold Art || DIY

Pineapple Mold Art
I kind of have a confession to make, this awesome pineapple art was initially an intended gift for my sister Sierra (you may remember her obsession with pineapple, well we all love pineapple). I found the mold at the thrift store and knew it had potential.
After I sprayed painted it gold and put it on some wood I suddenly became selfish. The husband solidified this when he said that he actually liked it  (he is often a skeptic at first of my brilliant ideas). The fact that he liked it made it harder to giveaway, sorry Sierra. Don't worry, I had a second brilliant idea in mind for her also involving a gold pineapple (will be on the blog soon enough), so she didn't lose out.
Pineapple Mold Art
Pineapple Mold Art
DIY Pineapple Mold Art 

Pineapple Jello mold (you can crazy enough find a vintage one like mine on etsy or ebay)
wood glue
gold spray paint

||1|| Spray your pineapple mold
||2|| Sand your pieces of wood. You can stain them, but I liked the complete natural look
||3|| On the back of your wood with the wood glue, glue the two pieces together and let dry. We clamped the two pieces together to try to have a better seal. 
||4|| After the glue has dried, put a nail in desired place on front and hang your pineapple
Pineapple Mold Art
[make sure you check out the tutorial for the circle paper garland]
Here it is on our new mantel (just finished by the husband) I can't wait to show you the before and after pics; the difference is amazing! For now, the pineapple is it's lonely inhabitant until I can figure out what to put there...knowing me, it might take a few months, maybe a year...
Pineapple Mold Art

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  1. What a fun yet simple idea! I love it! Might be cool to do a series of jello molds like that

  2. this is fun, pretty and looks so simple!

  3. I love your love for pineapples. You might be the first one I've heard of who loves pineapple so much...except for the show Psych!

  4. I love pineapples! This is such a great DIY, thanks for sharing. I've included your post in my Five on Friday roundup over at Have a great weekend :)


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