DIY Pineapple Canvas Art - Sisters, What!

DIY Pineapple Canvas Art

are you a fan of delicious flavor? diy pineapple canvas art
Remember my pineapple mold art from February that was actually intended for my sister as a Christmas gift? Ya, well since I ended up keeping it for our house, I had to come up with something else. Sometimes that just happens right?
Don't worry, like I said then, I had something just as equally awesome up my sleeves. Yep, it also involved pineapple. I saw this great pineapple sign from Craftaholics Anonymous with a quote from Psych and knew I had to make it for my sister.
are you a fan of delicious flavor? diy pineapple canvas art
But I didn't have any wood laying around, so I decided on using an art canvas and some gold spray paint. I was a little nervous about how it turn out, but it totally turned out great! 

DIY Pineapple Canvas Art

Blank Art Canvas 
2 different paint colors (I used mint for the background a gold spray paint for the pineapple)
Download the pineapple SV3 (silhouette) file HERE (free)

||1|| Paint your canvas in your desired color. Let dry.
||2|| Cut out your SV3 with vinyl and place onto dried canvas. Then paint/spray paint the pinapple with your second color. Let dry then peel off the Canvas. 
Happy pineapple art creating!
And if you really don't want to make you're own, you can buy a printable version from our shop:
are you a fan of delicious flavor? diy pineapple canvas art

 photo HAVASIG copy1_zpsuqfffyef.jpg

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