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How I to Make a Star Wars Light Switch

*UPDATE: for a limited time you can buy these in my shop here 
Star Wars Light Switch
With three boys in this family, Star Wars can not be easily overlooked. The husband at least waited until Captain Awesome was 2 before breaking out the light saber and showing him appropriate parts of the original Star Wars Saga. Captain Awesome (now 4) has nicknamed the girl in my belly, Princess Leia (and no, we are not naming her Leia). It only seemed appropriate to decorate the boy's room in a space/Star Wars theme. And vinyl can be great for this. 
light saber key chain perler beads
And my boys have become obsessed with making these light saber key chains. 

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We haven't done much with decoration, but Captain Awesome is really excited about the idea. The first thing to finally happen was making this Star Wars Light Switch. However, after thinking about it (and consulting the husband) I came up with using "light side" and "dark side" with silhouettes of Luke and Vader instead of the words.
Star Wars Light side dark side light Switch
Star Wars kid room decoration Light Switch

How to Make Star Wars Light Switches


permanent vinyl, black
cutting machine, Cricut or Silhouette

Step 1: 

 I designed the files in the Silhouette program. I simply found the images online and redesigned them to fit my desired look. I found a star wars font and made it to size. I made the dark side dark and the light side without trim. 

Step 2:

I then resized it all to fit a light switch and cut it with my cutting machine. It was pretty easy and straight forward from there. After weeding the vinyl and applying it to the lightswitch, I added it to the light. Ready to be used!

If you are interested in buying one instead of making one, these light side and dark side star wars light switches are on sale in my shop HERE
Star Wars Light Switch
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  1. What an amazing idea! I love the "dark side" "light side"! Very clever.

    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

  2. hahahah this is fantastic!! Love the creativity

  3. Oh my gosh. So cute. My husband is a huge Star Wars fan!

  4. How fun! Growing up I remember it being a really big deal that we each got to pick out a plate that represented our unique personalities. I wonder why that is so interesting to kids?!

  5. oh man that's so cute!

  6. I LOVE this!! We are huge Star Wars nerds and this would be so awesome for my boys' bedroom!

  7. Havalah, this is so freaking cool! Not even a star wars fan but I'd totally put this in a common space to be that quirky conversation piece!

  8. Seriously, it was so easy and my 4 year old loves it!

  9. I remember that too!! I wonder why too, maybe because they are so fascinated by light switches.

  10. What a great diy! Thanks for linking up at Motivational Monday! Hope you will link up again tomorrow.

  11. OMG I love this! My son in law is a HUGE Star Wars fan. I think I am going to have to make this for him....and my seven year old. Soo stinkin cute.

  12. Oh my gosh this is so cute! I would totally buy this from etsy..

  13. Do you by chance make these and sell them for the non crafty? :)

  14. Do you by chance make and sell these for the non crafty? :)

  15. I would love to have the cut file for this for my son's room. Let me k ow how I can get it from you. Thank you.

  16. Will you be making more Light Side Dark Side light switch cover plates before Christmas? Or would you be able to post a jpeg (or other picture file format) of the silhouette? Thanks


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