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DIY Darth Vader Shirt With a freezer paper stencil or heat transfer vinyl

As has been mentioned before, I'm surrounded my boys who love Star Wars. My 4 year old the more outspoken fan (my husband loves it far more, but he doesn't talk and play Star Wars as nearly as much as 4 year old Captain Awesome does). In fact we're doing a Star Wars room for the two boys (did you see the Star Wars Light Switch I've already done?) and I'm kind of getting excited about some of the cool DIY art we're going do for it. Well, I keep pushing of doing any of it, but one of these days we'll make head way. But at least I finished putting together baby girls woodland themed room (I can't wait to share those pictures). 
how to make a darth vader shirt
Anyway, Captain Awesome been asking for a new Star Wars shirt ever since the husband one for his birthday, so finally during both little one's naps, I helped Captain Awesome make one. I did the classic freezer paper method by cutting out a Darth Vader Silhouette. Captain Awesome loves it! And yes, he is wearing pjs in the afternoon...I promise he was wearing normal clothes but changed as soon as he got home from preschool. 
easy diy star wars shirt darth vader
If you have a silhouette or Cricut Maker, you can easily cut this on with heat transfer vinyl and do iron on. This darth vader shirt is fun to make and is a quick project you can make for that person who loves Star Wars. So, let's get started and learn today how to make an easy Darth Vader shirt with freezer paper or heat transfer vinyl

DIY Darth Vader Shirt with freezer paper or heat transfer vinyl

Stencil - download the Darth Vader Silhouette Cut File or regular file to print onto freezer paper to cut your self
Fabric Paint or what I prefer acrylic craft paint mixed with a fabric medium 
Foam Craft Brush

Step 1: 

Cut your stencil either with an exacto knife or silhouette machine. Make sure the image is on the freezer paper so that shiny part is on the underside of the stencil. After you cut it, you'll put the shiny side down on the shirt and iron it on. 

Step 2:

Paint your fabric paint on to the shirt. We did the light saber in red, but you could do all of Darth Vader in black. Let dry and wear immediately. 
how to make an easy and cheap darth vader shirt
Happy Friday!
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