DIY Plywood World Map Art - May Pinterest Challenge - Sisters, What!

DIY Plywood World Map Art - May Pinterest Challenge

Where has May gone? I swear spring just started. Well, it's that time of month to share my monthly pinterest challenge (see below for all the other awesome projects). This month I tackled a little bigger project, a world map. I studied the humanities in college and gained a love for each of the different cultures around the world. One day I will make it to each continent until then, I'll probably continue to be obsessed with world art. 
Make your own DIY plywood world map using vinyl as a stencil and acrylic paint!

I was inspired by this pallet board world map on the Merry Thought  and decided to do it on plywood instead of the pallet boards. Here's what I did:

DIY Plywood World Map Art


Large Plywood (have cut to desired size)
World Map Stencil (you can download my silhouette file here) or world map image
vinyl or contact paper (can be a lot cheaper than vinyl and works great for this project)

Step 1||

 Have your plywood cut to the size you want it. I stained mine a walnut color before I applied the stencil. 

Step 2|| 

Then decide how big you want your world map to be on your plywood. The Merry Thought blew up a world map image and traced it onto pallet wood. I decided to cut out a vinyl stencil with the silhouette. I cut out one section of the world at a time until I had the whole world cut out.
 Some of map pieces over lapped when I cut which made it possible easier (like a puzzle) to make sure everything lined up properly. 
Plywood World Map Art

Step 3 || 

After I cut out the vinyl I made my husband help me put the vinyl/contact paper on the plywood (we made it our Friday night date). I then painted like 7 coats of white until I couldn't see any of the plywood beneath. 
Plywood World Map Art
I'm so happy how it turned out. My alma mater (BYU) motto is "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve" So I thought that would be the perfect saying to put along side the map on the wall. 
DIY plywood world map art using acrylic paint and vinyl stencil!
DIY plywood world map art using acrylic paint and vinyl stencil!

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DIY plywood world map art using acrylic paint and vinyl stencil!


  1. I love map art too, we have a jigsaw that we finished just the once and then quickly framed, never to be done again (all that blue sea!)
    I can't believe yours is just on a bit of ply, it looks so expensive and classy! Love idea, I'm adding this pin inspired pin to pinterest right now!

  2. I love this!! A gorgeous map - I can see it hanging in a super cool boys room!

  3. Ohh this is awesome!! I love how the white world totally pops against the wood. And I love your alma mater saying, too! :)

  4. Hi Love this. Love maps love the finish on the wood. I've just made some map chairs and this would go really well with them. I'm going to give it a go.

  5. Your world map is super classy looking. I can't tell that it is plywood. My son loves everything about adventure and world travel. I think it would be fun to put up a plywood board with the silhouette of the world map on it. At the least, it could further help him with his geography.


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