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DIY Banner - Go Forth to Serve

About 2 weeks ago I when posted on here about my plywood world map, I also shared this Go Forth to Serve banner that I made to go on the wall next to the map. And now I'm finally getting around to share how I made it and a free printable version of it. 
DIY Banner - Go Forth To Serve

When I made the world map I wanted to put something next and decided a banner might be fun. After much contemplation, I decided on Go Forth To Serve (BYU's school motto). We are major home bodies, so what I put up on the walls in our home is really important to me. I want it to make us happy and to be uplifting. Something I've been really wanting to be better at is getting out and helping and serving others. But you know, with 3 little ones, it's so easy to just make excuses and stay home and not think of anyone but our family. But I really want to do better. I love this quote below (from this great talk here)
DIY Banner
Canvas or other heavy fabric
freezer paper
stencil (if you're doing Go Forth to Serve download stencil here and here if you have silhouette)

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of your desired banner size. You can glue together or the two pieces together around the edges. 
DIY Banner - Go Forth To Serve
Step 2: Print your stencil out on freezer paper (you want to print on the not shiny part). Cut with exacto knife or cutting machine. Iron onto banner. 
Step 3: with fabric paint (I like to use an craft acrylic paint and a fabric medium) paint the stencil. Once dry, remove the freezer paper. 
Step 3: Cut two pieces of fabric rectangles and glue or sew onto back of banner (I used E6000 glue). Then insert dowel and hang with string. 
DIY Banner - Go Forth To Serve
make sure you check out my plywood world map I made.
And here is the free printable >> Download
Go forth to serve printable

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