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alohomora harry potter key rack

In case you haven't noticed, we like Harry Potter in our house. I usually save my Harry Potter decor strictly for Halloween. However, I have made an exemption with this alohomora sign; as soon as I saw it online ages ago, I knew I needed one. So finally I made one. And it totally makes me happy hanging my keys there. 

How to Make Harry Potter Key Rack Alohomora Sign

1 x 6 scrap piece of wood cut down to 1 x  6 x 14 (or whatever size you prefer)
Alohomora vinyl cut out (download my free silhouette vinyl file here)
Hooks (not sure what their called, something to hold your keys ; )

Step 1|| 

Cut your piece of wood and sand it down. Then stain it.

Step 2||

 After your stain has dried, apply vinyl. I wanted the painted look, so I used the vinyl to make a stencil and then I painted. 

Step 3||

 Add your hooks on. And your done. 

You can find a graphic print of this Alohomora sign from our shop

alohomora printable
alohomora harry potter key rack

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  1. This is a super cute idea! I love that it is an HP item you can have in your house all the time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE this! Totally want to make one myself! I too am a fellow HP lover :) Working on a HP quiet book right now, and it's taken over my whole life, but I'm already in love with it!


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