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Harry Potter Library Bag: Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards Sewing Tutorial

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Have I mentioned that I love reading? Seriously, I start getting itchy if I go too long between a book. Since having kids I don't get much time to read, but I've adapted and get a lot of "reading" done through audio book. Yes, it totally counts. I always try to have one audio book to listen to and one actual book to read. 
library book bag: books turn muggles into wizards

Anyway, I love books. And my kiddos love books. Whenever we go to the library, we probably walk out with at least 20-30 books. And we probably read each one of those books. I have lots of bags, but they're all tiny and literally falling apart from the books. So, I've been really wanting to make a new big, and heavy duty book bag. 
library book bag: books turn muggles into wizards
For the fabric, I used duck cloth. I really love this stuff. It's the same stuff I used for my DIY Banner. The cloth is heavy duty and it comes in lots of different colors. I didn't want just a plain book bag, I needed something that told everyone that this was my book bag. Yep, captain obvious for you (since I will be at the library and what else would that bag be holding). I remembered seeing this phrase a while back and well it was meant for my bag. I love books and I love Harry Potter.
library book bag: books turn muggles into wizards
I used Expressions Vinyl's heat transfer vinyl and cut out my design with Silhouette (get free file below). It's actually my first time using this heat transfer vinyl and I was happy about the result. I'm not sure how it will hold up over time, but we'll see. For the inside, I made a see through pocket, it seemed like a fun edition.

Library Book Bag:

Scrap Leather for straps or make your own straps
Heat Transfer Vinyl or freezer paper/ Stencil Material (to paint on the above image)
*optional pocket: fun fabric, bias tape and clear plastic.

Step 1||

 I wanted a big bag, so I cut my fabric 44x19. First finish all your edges since there is no liner.

Step 2||

 Now before you sew up the sides and bottom of bag together, add your pocket. Skip this if you decide not to do a pocket. To make the pocket follow my see through pocket tutorial. After you finish your see through pouch, sew it onto the interior top side of pocket. 

Step 3||

 Now with right sides together, sew up the sides and bottom of bag. 

Step 4|| 

Now take your corners and box them. Here is a great tutorial on boxing corners. 

Step 5||

 Then  sew on your handles. I cut strips of leather about an inch wide. If you're adding the Books turn Muggles Into Wizards then download the silhouette file (or the other file if doing a freezer paper method). Go to Silhouette School tutorial on how to do heat transfer vinyl if you've never done it.
library book bag: books turn muggles into wizards

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Harry Potter Bag for library book bag sewing tutorial and free cut files for cricut and silhouette

The perfect library book bag sewing tutorial - Harry Potter books turn muggles into wizards


  1. great bag!! I love the added pocket inside! I totally need one!

  2. Oh I love this. So perfect for a library bag!

  3. So what are the odds I could pay you to make me one? This is AWESOME.

    1. what if I cut the iron on vinyl for you and you can add it to any bag? email me if your interested sisterswhat at gmail


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