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How to Fix and patch Your Toms - A Tutorial

First I have to say I love my TOMs. I wear them more then any other shoes, for me they are my most comfortable shoe.  So when these TOMs (my first pair) got holes, I quickly got a new pair but couldn’t throw them out.  They don’t make this pattern anymore.  And now that my second pair is starting to wear out (they are almost 2 years old), I knew I needed to figure out a way to save both pairs.  I do have 2 other pairs, I know, I know, I have a pair I bought for my wedding reception so they are nicer and not every day ones.  And I have a pair that is more of a tennis shoe, with laces that my boyfriend (now husband) bought me for christmas. So I am glad to have found a way to repair my first pair and reuse them.
How to fix your old Toms

How to Fix Your Toms - A tutorial


Favorite fabric - the thicker the better. I doubled mine over because it was just a regular fabric. I just bought a fat quarter at Joann’s and that was plenty.
Iron on Patches
Fabric Glue

Step 1.  

I first cut a piece of the iron on patch to cover any holes in my TOMs. On one shoe I only had a small hole to patch, the other one it was larger.

Step 2. 

 I then Ironed on the patches to my shoes.  If there are holes that go completely through make sure you put a piece of paper on the inside of the shoe so it does stick to the inside.  I had a whole where my big toe poked through.

Step 3.

  I doubled up my fabric in half and sewed a 1/4 seam along the edge. I did this to mimic the seam along diagonal front of the shoe.

Step 4.

  I pinned the seam on the fabric along the seam on my old TOMs.

Step 5.

  I carefully cut along the front bottom of my shoe to make sure I left a little extra fabric.

Step 6.

  I then created a hem along that cut line by folding over 1/4 seam and sewing.

Step 7. 

 I again pinned the fabric back to the shoe making sure everything matched up.

Step 8

 Leaving half of the pins in I unpinned one half and spears fabric glue over my TOMs.  I pressed the fabric down smoothly and then let dry.

Step 9.

 After the glue had dried, I removed the other pins and did the other side of the shoe in the same way.  At this point you will probably have some extra fabric in the front.  I created a pleat or fold out of this fabric.

Step 10  

 I let the fabric glue dry before I then glued the pleat or fold down.  I put some pins in it while it dried to make sure it stayed.
How to patch your Tom Shoes
How to patch your Tom Shoes
How to patch your Tom Shoes

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