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Minky and Flannel Baby Blankets: A Sewing Tutorial

Since having our first little one, we have ended up with TONS of baby blankets. Most of them were made and given to me by my awesome mom, sisters and friends. 
Flannel Baby Blanket Tutorial

Kimberly, from A Girl and A Glue Gun is doing a blanket drive for Luke's Love Blanket Drive. See Below. I'm excited to join her and a many other bloggers to share a blanket tutorial. 
To be honest, I am not a quilter like my mom or sisters, but one of my favorite blankets that I can make, is a flannel and minky blanket. They are easy and warm blankets. My kids love theirs. You can use this same tutorial for flannel material or minky material. Plus, the flannel blankets are usually inexpensive to make because it is often on sale. (find some cute woodland flannel here)
Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial

DIY Minky and Flannel Baby Blankets: A Sewing Tutorial

2 yards of flannel or minky (I love flannel because you can get two different kind of patterns, one for each side to make it fun). So basically, 1 yard of pattern flannel and 1 yard of different patterned flannel

*for the fox minky blanket: I got the fabric from Joanns. The fox is Ultra Cuddle and the other just minky. 

||1|| I like my blankets the full yard big, but you can cut it to be a square. After you determine your size, place right sides together. 
||2|| Sew around the edge of the whole blanket, leaving a small opening.
||3|| Turn right side out. If you want, you can add a nice finished touch by top stitching the outer edge.
Flannel Baby Blanket Tutorial
Now go check out Kimberly's blog for details on how you can donate your own blanket. Homemade blankets are definitely better than store bought : ). 
Minky baby blanket tutorial
If you like this baby blanket, you should definitely check out my friends Faux Chenille Baby Blanket. Also below you will find other bloggers blanket tutorials:

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*we'll be possibly sharing this post at one of these blog parties

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