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Modern Medusa and Stone Statue Couple Costume

This year, my husband and I were invited to an adult only Halloween party. Sounds so adult to say "adult only". Sometimes I forget I'm an adult until I get such an invitation and then I'm like, "oh ya, I guess I am one of those." 
diy adult Modern Medusa Costume and Shirt
Anyway, it's always tough picking out a fun matching costume that we both feel comfortable with and this year I think we did pretty well. I went as Medusa and he was a hero turned to stone. Genus right! We actually got awarded as the scariest costume award (I think there were a few people who didn't like snakes there ; ). 

Modern Medusa and Stone Statue Couple Costume

Medusa and Stone Statue Couple Costume

There really isn't much to the costume. It was a great last minute costume and super easy.

Medusa: I got snakes from the dollar store and put them in my hair (which I did a crown dutch braid). The shirt is actually my favorite part. I came up with the phrase myself and cut heat transfer vinyl (I used expression vinyl) with my silhouette. (download the file HERE

FREEZER PAPER METHOD: If you don't have a silhouette download the printable HERE and use freezer paper and an exacto knife to cut out your stencil. Just make sure to print so the words on NOT on the shiny side. 

For the stone statue: We made simple paper mache mask and painted it grey. The hubby made a sword out of cardboard and the shield (also out of cardboard) painted grey. The shield he actually made in cub scouts when he was 9 and it turned up when he mom was cleaning stuff out. Crazy huh! Then he wore grey. Supereasy. 
easy quick adult halloween costume greek mythology
quick easy diy adult costume halloween

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