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DIY Woodland Animals Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Woodland animals wood slice ornaments
These really fun ornaments are probably worth $25 a piece. No, really they are. Let me tell you why.

I've been wanting to try a fun wood slice project for a while and I thought ornaments would be perfect. I found them at Joanns for like 4 for $2 and almost bought them. But then I realized we had some thick sticks out back that I realized would be perfect.

So I did what I always do, I asked my husband if he would cut some for me. He obliged and I went out back with him to pick out a good piece of wood. However, just after cutting 4 pieces with the miter saw, he the blade hit a really bad knot in the wood and wood went flying.

Long story short, he broke his finger and we went to the ER which cost us roughly $100. So, they ended up being $25 a piece.

I felt pretty much terrible and didn't do anything with the wood slices for a long time. But now I did and they are hanging on our tree. They will forever be a tribute to my husbands finger. I guess something worse could have happened.
diy woodland animal ornaments
I used contact paper as a stencil and with the extra I put it on the other side. 

DIY Woodland Animal Ornaments

Download the silhouette HERE

Craft Paint

Step 1||

 cut your animals with your silhouette onto contact paper or vinyl. 

Step 2|| 

Using the contact/vinyl stencil, paint your animals on. Or if you can't cut them out, you can paint them freehand. 

Step 3||

 drill a hole and tie a string through it. 
how to make woodland animal ornaments
Woodland animals wood slice ornaments
This was my pinterest challenge for this month and the last one for the year. See below to check out my blogging buddies projects:

DIY crafty Woodland animal wood sliced Christmas ornaments

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  1. These. Are. Awesome. My husband cut some slices for me this year, but they turned a weird color, maybe from the saw? Anyway, I love the look of yours and it's awesome that you used contact paper with the Silhouette to make the stencil! I have not tried that yet, do you have any awesome tips or tricks for doing that? Sorry about your hubby's injury. :(


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