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Favorite Posts 2015

favorite creative posts
This post has taken me a while to actually write.

As I was going over everything I posted from last year, I did lost of thinking. I've had lots of fun sharing all my fun projects and always surprised that anyone actually wants to read about any of them. No really, I think they're cool, but sometimes I sit back and wonder why anyone actually reads this blog.

Anyway, thanks for tagging along on this random adventure of mine.

Like I was saying, I've been thinking about goals. People like to pick goal words for the year, I couldn't just pick one even if I wanted to. But I did think of 3:
Ok to be honest, the last word wasn't my original third word, but I totally forgot what it was and this one came to mind as I was writing this. So...my other third word must not really have been that important. 

How does this affect blogging? well, my little family is getting older, fast and my spare time is becoming less. I'm still planning on blogging, but it might be less and more sporadic. Now enough about my goals. 

Here are some favorites from 2015 (in no particular order):
embroidery hoop thread organizer
Definitely a fun one that is still being used. I love how it as a decorative touch as well. 
minky and flannel blanket tutorial
see through zipper pouch
This is one of my favorite sewing projects. I've literally made like ten of them and we use them for everything. The littles like to put their toys in them to take when we go in the car. Great use of fabric scraps
books turn muggles into wizards
Another favorite. I needed a library bag and a Harry Potter one just seemed right. Plus you can get a free printable. 
fabric bookmarks
Save your favorite scrap fabric and make some cute bookmarks. One in each print please. 
Star Wars light switch
Need I say more.
Plywood World Map Art
I'm kind of obsessed with the world and this one particularly. 
This one was completely done by my husband. Seriously, he rocks. He added built in shelves and built a whole new mantel. See post for full details. 
My husband and I made an ottoman together a few years ago, we finally reupholstered it with leather. It seriously has made a world of difference. 
Anjuli showed us how to keep loving your Toms. No sewing required. 
Leather Bound Infinity Scarf
I love this scarf and have got to wear it often this winter. It's a quick one to crochet. 
This was my proud moment last year when I made this dress. It was easier than I thought. 
Just because, these look rad on the fridge. 
One of my favorite rooms in the house and hopefully it will be for our little girl too when she gets older. 
Because we love pineapple, especially when we find it at the thrift store.This bowl just needed some gold and mint love. 
Another thrift score find. It fits perfect in our decor and was the easiest thing ever to make.
I love these streamers. They were easy to make and are an easy thing to throw up for any part or holiday. 

Thanks for sticking with our blog all last year. Here's to 2016 and new projects and goals. 

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