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Fold Over Snack Bags || Tutorial

sustainable reusable snack bags sewing tutorial
One of my favorite sewing projects to date are my reusable snack bags. I use them all the time and use half the amount of plastic bags. My kiddos love them and I love that I don't have to throw them away after using. 

Plus, you can use your favorite fabric and make it super fun and chic! 

Fold over snack bags tutorial
We have even used these at church, however, sometimes I feel a little guilty when I hear the sound of opening velcro. So I decided to try out making some fold over snack bags. You know, like the plastic fold over ones. Exactly like those, but way cuter! But I also did a fold over one with velcro, I couldn't resist.
Fold over snack bags tutorial

Fold over snack bags tutorial

Fold Over Snack Bags || Tutorial

  • Favorite Fabric
  • Oil cloth or laminated cotton fabric (I can't find it at Joanns, but you can find it online) or even a inexpensive table cloth

1|| Cut

 Cut one piece of fabric and waterproof fabric 15 x 6 (you can change these dimensions to make it longer or wider, as you like)

2|| Sew

 With right sides together of both fabric pieces, sew around the whole thing leaving a 4 inch gap on one side.

3|| Iron

Iron flat. Now here where it might seem tricky. With the water proof fabric touching, fold one end up to the point about 3 inches from the top. Then fold the other end 3 inches down on top of that. Then sew both sides together.
I hope that makes sense. It's kind of hard one to show, just look at the picture and it will make sense. 
Fold over snack bags tutorial
Let me know if you have any questions. Happy Snack Bag Making!

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fold over reusable snack bags sewing tutorial

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