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One Room Challange - Master bedroom and Craft Room

I'm super excited to participate for the first time in the One Room Challenge hosted/created by Linda from Calling it Home. Basically it's a home decor challenge in which you pick a room and you complete it (whether decorate, paint, refinish) in 6 weeks. Anyone can join in as a guest participate, so if you're needing a push to finish a room, then it's not to late to join in.  Every Thursday I'll be posting about my process here, so keep checking back. Hopefully this will push us to finish a room faster than we did our living room
One Room Challenge for Master Bedroom and Craft Room

The room I picked for the challenge is our Master Bedroom/ My Craft Room. 

Meet our bedroom; the dumping zone of everything, the holding of left over furniture and everything else. And honestly, I didn't used to spend too much time in our bedroom so I've never cared how it looked at the end of the day as long as it was clean and it had a bed. 

However, a year ago we turned my craft/guest room into the new baby room and decided to utilize the big extra space in our room as craft area for me. So now behold a another surface area for dumping stuff that doesn't go there... 
One Room Challenge for Master Bedroom and Craft Room
Anyway, the space has worked brilliantly for my own nefarious crafting and sewing purposes. I've never really had my own space before living in this house, so I was happy to even have shelves for all my stuff. Seriously, feeling blessed just remembering how things used to be. 
One Room Challenge for Master Bedroom and Craft Room
  My husband had this fun idea one day of building shelves by the window in that dead space (where that metal shelf is). I of course loved the idea, but I didn't think it would happen anytime soon. But guess what you guys, he totally surprised me in February and started working on it! Can't wait to show you the finished product, they're looking good!

Thus because of the new built in shelves, we've decided that since we both now spend most evenings in this room, we should just finish the room and make it look complete. We're most definitely not fancy decorating people, but I'm really excited to have a bedroom that looks complete.

I'm hoping this 6 week challenge keeps us motivated to get it done immediately instead of in 6 months.

Inspiration for our shelves via Censational Girl
And inspiration and ideas for the rest of the room:
Floating Shelves

We'll see how it goes, wish us luck and come back next week for progress!!

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