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DIY Rolled Sleeve Dolman Tee || A Sewing Tutorial

Easy DIY dolman shirt with rolled sleeves!
Last week I shared my easy DIY Dolman Shirt and I figured I might as well share this rolled sleeve version of the same shirt. Both of these shirts were made last year, but they're are still my favorite and were so easy to make. I don't mind sewing in sleeves, but man, not sewing sleeves is even better!! I like how the rolled sleeve makes the shirt look a little classier. Seriously, if you're hesitant about making you're own shirts, stop now! It's easier than you think and really fun! Just ask my sister and wait until you see the shirt see did. 

Easy DIY dolman shirt with rolled sleeves!

DIY Rolled Sleeve Dolman Tee

1-2 yards of fabric (1 yard works for S-M sizes but I always get 1 and 1/2 to be safe)
Matching thread
Serger (optional)

1// First GO HERE for part 1 of the shirt (my Easy DIY Dolman Shirt)
2// After completing part one we're going to now cut out the rolled up part of the sleeve. Measure the width of your sew sleeve plus seam allowance. Now for the width you want 3 inches. For example you'll end up with a rectangle 12" x 3" cut 2. 

3// Now sew those the ends of those two rectangles (wrong sides together). It will then look like a tube.
4// Once you have you're tube, place right side of tube and insert it into the shirt sleeve (wrong side of shirt touching right side of tube (this will make sense I promise). Ziz zag/ serge those raw edges of shirt and tube together. (sorry no picture for this step)
5// Pull the now attached tube/sleeve outside of shirt. Roll the edge and iron and sew it in place. (see below)
 6// Last step is to simply roll the sleeve up, covering up the seam. Now at the bottom and the armpit part, do a couple of hand stitching to hold the rolled up sleeve in place. And there you have it! If you have any questions, just comment and I'll try to answer. 
Easy dolman shirt with rolled sleeves!

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