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One Room Challenge Week 5 || Almost There

It's week 5 of the One Room Challenge and I still don't have much to show you. Mostly because we have quite a few projects that are taking time and everything is still an utter mess in the room. BUT it will come together...hopefully. 

I have realized though that there are many things that might not happen before next weeks reveal, but i'm totally ok with that. I'm just happy that we are as far as we are. I mean I have a table in my room now and almost a chair. 

Speaking of chairs, here is this beauty that I have been working on well since the beginning of the challenge. Like I said, slow and steady over her. 

This chair recently came from my parents house. My parents have had it for as long as I can remember and I recently spotted it in the garage beat up after years of use (and possibly a scratch board for a few cats). I'm pretty sure they were going to throw it out, but I asked if I could have it. I saw that it still had some life in it. Above two pics are before and the after sanding stage. Such beautiful wood and still in great shape (not the seat however). 
We replaced the seat and I was really hoping to have it finished completely by the time I wrote this post, but I didn't have enough padding on hand, *sigh. So to Joanns I go first thing tomorrow. But I'm super excited about this Nate Berkus fabric that I came across at Joanns (which is currently on sale for $9.99) to use for the chair cover. 
And one more little update for you today, this pegboard is finished and ready to go on the wall. I love how it turned out and it was ridiculously easy. I just hope it looks as good on the wall as it does on the ground. 
cross stitched pegboard; who knew!!

Here's to next week!

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